Why should I List My Profile On Directory Service Of

Why should I List My Profile On Directory Service Of

Over the last few years the internet awareness and usage have grown exponentially. Every business now is now is having an online presence. Statistics from research companies claim that around 35% of legal consumers search for lawyers online. While Nearly 30% of legal consumers seeking a lawyer with special expertise start their research by viewing the law firm's website.

Considering such statistical figures most of the law companies and even individual advocates’ wants to or already have online presence. This can be, either by having a website or getting listed on various online directory services.  Getting listed on an online directory services is the simplest and the most economical way of having an online presence. is service that provides a total web solution for individual advocates with web branding.

As the yellow pages is getting replaced with online business directories, various online directories have mushroomed on internet. These business directories list every business and most are not focused to any specific business. is a business directory that is totally focused to the legal domain to provide online exposure only to professional from legal fraternity.

Getting your profile listed on provides you a global exposure and a brand of profssional identity as an professional Advocate.