Profession Dedicated E-Mail Service For Advocates, is one of the only service that cater to provide email solution exclusively for Advocates. having an email address @advocatemail.con gets you a professional identity with your email address.

Build Trust with Customers

By using any free email service, it does not establishes a professional identity of advocates, in-fact any profession. Having a profession dedicated email address can also build more trust and credibility with your clients. Show you’re credible—customers often expect businesses to have an email address with their company name.

Look Professional

Most of the Advocates are individual professionals providing  legal service, so they don’t form and law company. Such individually practicing advocates can establish more professional identity by having an email address on a domain name that signifies their profession and mail service .

Send emails and invoices from your business email account(not free email email account on a generic domain name) . Research shows this can improve your open rates.

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