Advocate Web Promotion

Advocate Web Promotion

As the awareness of internet grows, more and more business houses are moving online. Moving online with a web profile or a website does not mean you will get customer, this is not a voodoo. Various strategies are deployed after detail research on target audience with viability for web promotion. The core focus of web promotion is not increasing visits to website or web page, but quality crowd that is organic traffic. While many newbies who at time graduate from search at time are not focused. Gamut of information is available online that can educate you to talk about it, this can lead to all talks only. You can have a youtube video for any surgery, but no patient would risk their life to a person who claims to be a surgeon after previewing such videos. similarly, many web promotion professional have graduated in digital marketing from the information available online.

We study, plan, research before we actually rush for getting a purchase order for web promotional. We undertake turnkey project when it comes to web promotion, inception to implementation

  1. We research the target audience our goal is not just just in getting traffic, but quality traffic. Junk visitor or quality visitor is whats makes the difference for quantity Vs Quality.
  2. search engine optimisation. This is a slow but steady journey, its been over 2 decades, since we have been doing projects on web, including web promotions. With time we learned and mastered the SEO techniques and strategies., We aim and and suggest our client not to spend a fortune in SEO, but start with an amount services or hours and hours studying SEO. For sustained result we keep an eye on the ranking and its a never ending work, as ranking do slip down as we are not indispensable.
  3. Digital Marketing : Old wine in a new bottle. Much talked terms mainly by web promotion consultants, freelancers with high pitched sales and marketing gimmicks, for guaranteed results. Just for all those who guarantee result, nothing is guaranteed in this world, not even the birth of a child but only thing guaranteed is death. So we prefer not to grantee death for your business & services. We have survived two decades and we never guaranteed for any such services with sales pitch words like "GUARANTEED RESULTS". we never guarantee, but we show our performance live with result that we have attained over the decades is all focused even when it comes to web promotion, it only deals with the legal segment. We can be like Nuero surgeons and not general physicians. We don't believe in promoting every services available under the sky, but focused only on legal services., 

PRICE : Request For Quotes with list of keywords and domain name

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