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exclusively for the Advocates, is the only email service that provides professional identity with email address

Email is now becoming one of the most important mode of communication.””  is a feature rich E-mail service exclusively for advocates, Globally. 

It is just important to evaluate the best email services available and make a choice that suits your needs. Many people are just complacent with the email service provider they currently use, Check out for its features.

Aiming to provide identity of profession with E-mail address For Advocates

custom email address conveys a professional image for a business or profession. When your email address uses the same domain name as your profession, it brings trust and confidence from your customers knowing that they’re dealing with a legitimate professional on internet. Such professional identity cannot be attained on any free email services.

02 provides a progressive web app (PWA) for your hand held devices to check and manage emails. No need to download the App from playstore, simply  type and you will be provided an option to download app on your home screen of your device.


Email Scheduler

Featured with Email scheduler, you simply select the time frame or set a specific date when you want the email to be placed back in your inbox. You can also decide on an action like return receipt or delivery status notification.

Legal Research, an  offshoot of caters to law research for law aspirants. Basic Online Case Law Analysis certificate Programs offers in research with fixed data point associated with Case Law. The high end Diploma course offers a deep research with the variable datapoint and analytics.

Juridical Help can connect seekers for legal help to Advocates. The email service is used by advocates who are stalwarts in their specific area of legal services are connected with the individual or corporate’s seeking legal advise or turnkey legal solutions. We also provides services to corporates on retention basis


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Cloud Based Office Organizer : Manage Your To-do List Efficiently is not just a conventional mail service to send and receive emails. The add on features integrated with the email service enable you to stay organized with all your recurring or ad-hoc task and events. Let you maintain productivity by keeping your desk clean by use of various cloud based add on plugin with